Credit Card Debt and Capital Shortages by Board Room

Every day more small businesses struggle to meet their funding needs and often end up with credit card debt and undercapitalized businesses. Many experts have come up with solutions to the credit card debt problem, however they fail to provide a solution for small business owners who find themselves facing the same problems. Many small businesses that are facing capital problems. Many small businesses that are facing capital problems have gone bankrupt and the board…

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Credit Cards Vs Merchant Cash Advance

When a small business is developing an income stream, many times a start-up credit-card venture or virtual data room is considered. The key here is to be sure that you are financing your projects through a reputable lender, and that way there are no problems with the equity you are building up in your business.    The fact is that some of these equity-based loans are available without collateral, but this can lead to a…

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